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Wrath of Man (2021)

  • Action Crime Thriller
  • A cold and mysterious new security guard for a Los Angeles cash truck company surprises his co-workers when he unleashes precision skills during a heist. The crew is left wondering who he is and where he came from. Soon, the marksman's ultimate motive becomes clear as he takes dramatic and irrevocable steps to settle a score.

  • $40,000,000
  • Description

    Mysterious and wild-eyed, a new security guard for a cash truck surprises his co-workers when he unleashes precision skills during a heist. The crew is left wondering who he is and where he came from. Soon, the marksman's ultimate motive becomes clear as he takes dramatic and irrevocable steps to settle a score.

    Wrath of Man (2021) download

    Wrath of Man (2021) download

    Wrath of Man (2021) download

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    If you enjoy reading my Spoiler-Free reviews, please follow my blog @ https://www.msbreviews.com Some people really don't appreciate Guy Ritchie's style. His trademark fast-forward, HFR (high frame rate) type of action doesn't appeal to many viewers, and his nonlinear narrative structure is often more confusing than captivating. At least, these are the common complaints across his filmography. While I acknowledge that these attributes don't always work, I'm actually quite a fan of his filmmaking techniques. From his more recent work on Aladdin and The Gentlemen to his take on classic characters such as Sherlock Holmes and King Arthur: Legend of the Sword, I genuinely enjoy Ritchie's risky, divisive approach on the best way to tell a story. Going in completely blind to Wrath of Man, I honestly didn't have a good feeling. I expected a generic, hollow, forgettable action flick with a main actor who everyone has seen countless times in this genre. I just hoped it would be entertaining enough for me to have a decent couple of hours in front of the TV. Well, this movie might be 2021's best surprise to date! If Zack Snyder (Zack Snyder’s Justice League) is often criticized for his excessive use of slow-motion, Ritchie receives the exact same complaints but regarding his high-speed action scenes. This time, the latter leaves his well-known characteristics aside and proves that he's not a one-trick filmmaker. Impressively long, uncut takes - some reach the three-minute mark - help create a tremendously tense, suspenseful atmosphere throughout the entire runtime. Every scene is set up with patience and precise timing, making every single tiny movement from the camera and actors capture the audience's attention. Christopher Benstead's score is one of those examples that I will start giving people when they ask about impactful music in film. The heavy cello notes are incredibly ominous, establishing the mood of the whole environment in a way that will leave no viewer indifferent. Some of you might read the following as a critique, but the build-ups for each action scene steal the spotlight from the latter. With that said, the shootouts and overall action are entertaining and well-filmed, which I believe will please a vast majority of spectators. Jason Statham (The Meg, Hobbs & Shaw) delivers a one-dimensional performance that would feel disappointing in any other movie, but it works for this protagonist. The main character is supposed to be mysterious and capable of anything, so it's only logical that he hides every ounce of emotion - even though it negatively affects a couple of dialogues. Furthermore, it's Jason Statham… moviegoers go see his films for his action skills, not his acting chops. When it comes to fire a gun or beat someone up, there are not that many actors who can do so as convincing as him. Story-wise, Ritchie didn't let go of his favorite narrative structure. Nonlinear storytelling is extremely difficult to pull off perfectly due to how easily it becomes confusing or messy. Fortunately, Wrath of Man features several storylines converging all in a single moment, which quickly demonstrates what the screenwriters plan to do. A mysteriously compelling first half transitions to a more predictable, formulaic second part where one of the storylines feels both tacked on and uninteresting. The secondary characters lack any sort of arc or random development, with the focus going completely into the protagonist's mission, whatever that may be. Wrath of Man isn't a groundbreaking, mind-blowing, or even innovative action movie, but it's still one of the biggest, best surprises of the year. While it's true that Guy Ritchie still follows the genre formulas of success, he shocks everyone by leaving his trademark filmmaking techniques aside, delivering an incredibly tense film packed with suspenseful, one-take build-ups to energetic, riveting action sequences. Jason Statham's one-dimensional display works well enough for a mysteriously captivating protagonist who the viewers can easily root for once his true goal is revealed. Christopher Benstead's score tremendously elevates the entire movie, establishing an extremely gripping atmosphere. The nonlinear storytelling features parallel narratives that are not all interesting or necessary, ending with an ironically abrupt last scene, contradicting the overall steady pacing. In the end, it's a solid recommendation to watch in theaters if possible. Rating: B+

    Viewers who like action films with plenty of violence for the sake of having violence will love this movie. I can’t deny that the action grabs you by the throat and moves you along with it. Sometimes, however, it felt to me like instead of a storyboard they worked from a murderboard: “Okay, how many do we lose in this scene?” Once again I am reminded of Hitchcock. Suspense is not a bomb going off; suspense is not knowing when or if it will explode. They took a bit of trouble to make the plot seem more intricate than it was: having maybe three flashbacks do the work of one, for example. Some of that layering of plot could have been diverted to character building and development. Only our hero is given motivation and a back story, and there are even gaps in that. But it should be remembered that these observations are by, and for, someone who is not a fan of action films. If you are a fan, then nothing I have written here should deter you from watching Wrath of Man.

    Huge Jason Statham fan. But despite the trailer, this movie was far from his greatest. He's his usual cool self, but the story is weak and performance from Josh Hartnett is downright embarrassing, to say the least. Holt McCallany is decent, but in general the characters come off as two-dimensional. You really don't care about them. I panicked when I saw Jeffrey Donovan, because his appearance is seldom that impressive. He was okay though, far from the one to blame for this B-movie. It's not bad, but certainly not a masterpiece either.

    **Brazen, Brutal, & BLOODY ; Smart, Sleek & STYLISH . But Was It " INSPIRING " , Uplifting Or Even " Particularly " -{ REMARKABLE }-❓. . . I'm Afraid The Answer Is " NO ⛔ " .** A Good, Old Fashioned -{ " **_B I G_** " }- Screen Mini Review . " 'Wrath Of Man' is more violent, more gritty ..than.. -{ Any }- of my other films " . ( Director Guy Ritchie, from an official 'Entertainment Access' featurette ) . So there it is, the man himself, saying it... -{ Exactly }- ...like it is. And "gritty" -could not- have been a more ( -Apt- ) choice of words, because if you're expecting any 'exceptionally' lavish or Mind-blowing set-pieces from this particular cinematic endeavour, then I ask you not to hold your breath, in earnest. And that is because . . . . { with the ( sole ) exception of the very -fleeting- , & "solitary" , " Staples-Center 🌆 Shot " ....( that also showcases a few quintessentially 'glitter-ey' night time downtown Los Angeles high rises )... and -Is- indeed, in-all-fairness, "Dazzlingly Spectacular" from a cinematographic standpoint, atleast, ( -No- spoilers here : the said scene is proudly embellished in one of Mgm's -official- trailers ) } . . . . in a nutshell ; there actually -{ Aren't }- any . And in as much as the "violent" part of the { otherwise } highly accomplished Mr. Ritchie's brief yet pointed statement is concerned, my earnest advice to you is, quite simply, as follows. Keep any and all 'minors' ( in -Your- care ) away from this 'Dark, dark, red' -{ Adult }- crime thriller . . " And with a 13-foot pole, at that, at the very -Least- " . Digging a tad deeper . . . note that the trailer shows a -Seething- { yet outwardly super-calm } 'H', played by action tera-star Jason Statham just . . "blowing people away", { i.e straight up -Murdering- them with his pistol, in other words }, willy-nilly. Well, one might have thought that following the cold-blooded murder of his son ( -trailer, also- ) by the -{ 👉Exact }- sort of people as himself { namely, ( -potentially- ) 'Deadly', calculated, & ruthless armed robbers } . . . the primary writer, Éric Besnard, might -Perhaps- have made a little -More- room for soul searching by 'H' in the story. Regrettably however, that is, to a -Large- extent, -{ Not }- the case here . Summation : So what is 'Wrath Of Man's' **" MORAL IMPERATIVE "** then, you ask. Sadly, I reply , " There Is -{ None }- " . If you're -at all- familiar with my reviews, then you would know that I -{ Rarely }- say that a movie is just 'Pure Commerce' ...with no -clear & present- "Inspiring" ( or even just "Redeeming" ) quality about it... but I'm afraid that in the case of this admittedly enthralling yet ultimately unremarkable picture ; I would indeed be remiss to say that, as best as I can tell atleast, that is evidently -{ Not }- the case. A clear minded, 'Honest-to-goodness' 06.00 out of 10.00 from me -{ "At Best" } 🤷‍♂️ .

    Wrath of man Has all any action movie needs. A plot of intrigue and mystery with a angry person looking for revenge. honestly did not expect the movie to be good but it came out brilliantly. A man just trying getting justice for what he felt is right. The movie keeps u glued and don't lose interest. Overall good movie.

    Solid revenge-thriller with the usual bad-ass performance from Jason Statham. Doesn't exactly have the flare of the usual Guy Richie film but little touches here and there. The pacing feels a tad off probably because it switches from H's (Statham) POV to that of the robbers who really didn't do much for me. Still, well worth checking out. **3.75/5**

    If you want an evil militant and criminal drama at the same time, then you will get everything at once and even more. Just consider that the "Wrath of Man" is not only about shooting and unrestrained action. If someone from friends ask me to advise a good thriller, I would recommend the "Wrath of Man" along with other movies of Guy Ritchie.


    2 months ago

    Always the cool tough guy that noone can beat.Full of suspense, gripping the entire time, intense, two stories in parallel that come together, somewhat predictable betrayals and twist, felt a bit dark at times, satisfying ending, not a huge amount of action but a solid storyline that keeps you on edge.Watch it on the big screen with a good sound system for greater intensity.

    2 months ago

    Glad to see a movie that isn't constantly rubbing some sort of political garbage in your face every two minutes! This movie proves you can successfully have a diverse cast that doesn't seem forced. The dialogue is a little contrived at times, which took me out of it, but for a couple hours of shoot em up fun with a semi-clever story (and Statham is pretty bad ass) it's worth the price of admission.

    2 months ago

    It's always worth every penny whenever this duo come up with something! The plot is not so strong, yet good enough to keep you in it and entertain for 2 hours!Guy Ritchie never frustrates, NEITHER does Statham.In fact, Statham was more than perfect for this role! Others were up to the mark!Synopsis: Mysterious and wild-eyed, a new security guard for a cash truck surprises his co-workers when he unleashes precision skills during a heist. The crew is left wondering who he is and where he came from. Soon, the marksman's ultimate motive becomes clear as he takes dramatic and irrevocable steps to settle a score.


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