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  • Windows 10 Pro x64 2004 Multi-41 19041.264 May 2020 Team-LiL
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  • Windows Pro x64 2004 Multi 19041 264 2020 Team LiL
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Windows 10 Pro x64 2004 20H1 Multi-41 19041.264 May 2020 Team-LiL

Made by lil-fella (Team-LiL)

41 language iso image can choose what language to install from start of installation

Catalan - ca-ES
Indonesian - id-ID
Vietnamese - vi-VN
Arabic - ar-SA
Bulgarian - bg-BG
Czech - cs-CZ
Danish - da-DK
German - de-DE
Greek - el-GR
English - en-GB
English - en-US
Spanish - es-ES
Spanish - es-MX
Estonian - et-EE
Finnish - fi-FI
French - fr-FR
Hebrew - he-IL
Croatian - hr-HR
Hungarian - hu-HU
Italian - it-IT
Japanese - ja-JP
Korean - ko-KR
Lithuanian - lt-LT
Latvian - lv-LV
Norwegian - nb-NO
Dutch - nl-NL
Polish - pl-PL
Portuguese - pt-BR
Portuguese - pt-PT
Romanian - ro-RO
Russian - ru-RU
Slovak - sk-SK
Slovenian - si-SI
Serbian - sr-Latn-RS
Swedish - sv-SE
Thai - th-TH
Turkish - tr-TR
Ukrainian - uk-UA
Chinese - zh-CN
Chinese - zh-TW

Digital Windows 10 License
Microsoft Activation Script 1.0 cmd
Clean CMD Activation Script Auto Activation with installation
if you find it didn’t activate
make sure your online and not behind a vpn
goto system in control panel and click on activate windows
and wait until its activated. maybe even click on troubleshoot

Autounattend file details
choose your language
license terms auto agreed
key auto inserted so no need to put
choose your own place to install windows and setup partitions
once installed normal OOBE will be shown
fill in details to your desire

Power Plan Pre Set = High Performance

Added to build
Microsoft Windows Updates
Microsoft Framework 2.0 - 4.8.0
Open Shell 4.4.143 (Classic Shell Menu)

use Rufus to make USB installation media from iso image
When making bootable usb don’t forget to choose the correct partition scheme for your system MBR or GPT

Credits: for Digital License
s1ave77 - Digital license Activation Method Original Author
mephistooo2 - Repacking s1ave77's cmd version
WindowsAddict - Making the clean and improved version of mephistooo2's Repack

ISO IMAGE = 5.25 GB esd compression used

MD5 = 5DCDE52DDE33299EA3417A2EE68FFE40
SHA-1 = 87A25B33F3C7913C48C370F80A650DB58B3E3B3A

Don't just hit and run
Think of other people that have helped you
Please share your part files. then torrent gets finished quicker.
super seeding so everyone gets different part files
please seed for a while after you get 100% thank you

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Windows 10 Pro x64 2004 Multi-41 19041.264 May 2020 Team-LiL -


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