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Title................: The History of Mathematical Tables

Type.................: Ebook

Reader...............: PDF Reader

Size.................: 42.8 MB

Torrent Hash.........: DD27D0D8B987018411C94A0573D388234FEA98EA

Posted by............: ~tqw~







The oldest known mathematical table was found in the ancient Sumerian city

of Shuruppag in southern Iraq. Since then, tables have been an important

feature of mathematical activity and are important precursors to modern

computing and information processing. This book contains a series of

articles summarizing the history of mathematical tables from earliest times

until the late twentieth century. It covers mathematical tables (the most

important computing aid for several hundred years until 1960s), data tables

(i.e. Census tables), professional tables (ie. Insurance tables), and

spreadsheets-the most recent tabular innovation. The book is presented in a

scholarly yet accessible way, making appropriate use of text boxes and

illustrations. Each chapter has a frontispiece featuring a table along with

a small illustration of the source where the table was first displayed. Most

chapters have sidebars telling a short "story" or history relating to the

chapter. The aim of this edited volume is to capture the history of tables

through eleven chapters written by subject specialists. The contributors

describe the various information processing techniques and artifacts whose

unifying concept is "the mathematical table".

Table Of Contents:

Introduction 1

1 Tables and tabular formatting in Sumer, Babylonia, and Assyria,

2500 B.C.E.-50 C.E. 19

2 The making of logarithm tables 49

3 History of actuarial tables 79

4 The computation factory: de Prony's project for making tables in the

1790s 105

5 Difference engines: from Muller to Comrie 123

6 The 'unerring certainty of mechanical agency': machines and table

making in the nineteenth century 145

7 Table making in astronomy 177

8 The General Register Office and the tabulation of data, 1837-1939 209

9 Table making by committee: British table makers 1871-1965 235

10 Table making for the relief of labour 265

11 The making of astronomical tables in HM Nautical Almanac Office 295

12 The rise and rise of the spreadsheet 323

Biographical notes	349  

Index	353  

Product Details:

* ISBN: 0198508417  

* ISBN-13: 9780198508410  

* Format: Hardcover, 372pp  

* Publisher: Oxford University Press  

* Pub. Date: September 2003  

* Edition Description: REV  

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