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  • Simple Minds-Best of (2CDS -320k) _YeOldRocker
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  • Simple Minds Best 2CDS 320k YeOR YeOldRocker
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Simple Minds-Best of (2CDS -320k) _YeOldRocker


CD 1

01-Don't You (Forget About Me).mp3
02-Promised You A Miracle.mp3
04-Alive And Kicking.mp3
05-Glittering Prize.mp3
06-All The Things She Said.mp3
07-Sanctify Yourself.mp3
08-Someone Somewhere (In Summertime).mp3
10-Up On The Catwalk.mp3
11-Speed Your Love To Me.mp3
12-Theme For Great Cities.mp3
13-Love Song.mp3
14-The American.mp3
15-Sweat In Bullet.mp3
16-Life In A Day.mp3
17-I Travel.mp3

CD 2

01-Let There Be Love.mp3
02-This Is Your Land.mp3
03-Kick It In.mp3
04-Let It All Come Down.mp3
05-See The Lights.mp3
06-Stand By Love.mp3
07-Real Life.mp3
08-She's A River.mp3
11-War Babies.mp3
12-Mandela Day.mp3
14-Belfast Child.mp3
15-The Real Life (Raven Maize).mp3

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SMB Fr.jpg
SMB in01.jpg
SMB in02.jpg
SMB in03.jpg
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10 years ago

Cheers Which do you prefer, blondes or brunettes.......?Well, as long as the collars & cuffs match............

15 years ago

wonderful thanks

15 years ago

Didn't know they had enough material for 1 CD not alone 2...I'll give it a listen...Thankx

15 years ago

Thank you for the music.......

15 years ago

Brilliant, Thanks!!!!

15 years ago

t h a n k s

15 years ago

many thanks

15 years ago

Fantastic.Long live the 80's!!!!

13 years ago

Thanks a bunch, downloading these by request for someone, so this should be a treat for me as well ;)

13 years ago

Not sure how I missed this for the last few days - the first of this I d/l's had no track numbers and thus a huge confusing jumble. The second one died and the torrent disappeared after only 22%. So I guess third is the charm. One thing I learned from reading allmusic guide is that the two cds represent two different eras in their music history.

13 years ago

One of the best bands to come out of Scotland EVER!!!

13 years ago

Thanks for this, lovely sound.

13 years ago


13 years ago

Cheers, only realy want CD1 but thanks for the work.

12 years ago

This isn't exactly 320kbps, I get anywhere from 240kbps to 280kbpsBut thanks anyways


SMB in03.jpg -
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Torrent downloaded from Demonoid.com.txt -
101-Don't You (Forget About Me).mp3 -
102-Promised You A Miracle.mp3 -
103-Waterfront.mp3 -
104-Alive And Kicking.mp3 -
105-Glittering Prize.mp3 -
106-All The Things She Said.mp3 -
107-Sanctify Yourself.mp3 -
108-Someone Somewhere (In Summertime).mp3 -
109-Ghostdancing.mp3 -
110-Up On The Catwalk.mp3 -
111-Speed Your Love To Me.mp3 -
112-Theme For Great Cities.mp3 -
113-Love Song.mp3 -
114-The American.mp3 -
115-Sweat In Bullet.mp3 -
116-Life In A Day.mp3 -
117-I Travel.mp3 -
201-Let There Be Love.mp3 -
202-This Is Your Land.mp3 -
203-Kick It In.mp3 -
204-Let It All Come Down.mp3 -
205-See The Lights.mp3 -
206-Stand By Love.mp3 -
207-Real Life.mp3 -
208-She's A River.mp3 -
209-Hypnotised.mp3 -
210-Glitterball.mp3 -
211-War Babies.mp3 -
212-Mandela Day.mp3 -
213-Biko.mp3 -
214-Belfast Child.mp3 -
215-The Real Life (Raven Maize).mp3 -


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