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This comprehensive guide to color science and shade selection in Dentistry presents all the theory and clinical guidance required in order to achieve consistent clinical success. The book opens by reviewing color and its dimensions and discussing color perception, drawing attention to the various phenomena that impact upon it. Shade selection in Operative Dentistry is then explained in detail with the aid of copious illustrations. The coverage encompasses shade selection methods for resin-based composite restorations and for bleaching procedures, with presentation of the latest evidence on their accuracy and reliability. Guidance is then provided on how to achieve predictable color harmony between the natural tooth and the composite restorative material in the context of biomimetic Dentistry, with discussion of special effects, pigments, layering techniques, surface texture, and finishing and polishing. Changes in color over time and responses to such changes are also outlined. The book will be of value for practitioners in Restorative and Esthetic Dentistry as well as for dental students and researchers.
Color Science
Natural Tooth X Composites Biomimetics
Color Selection in Operative Dentistry
Color Evaluation for Research Purposes
Dental Photography as a Key to Clinical Success
Bleaching Procedures
Biomimetics of the Natural Tooth Using Composites
Finishing and Polishing
Color Mismatch Between the Restoration and the Natural Tooth Over Time
Longevity of Resin Composite Restorations

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