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  • NECRY TALKIE (ネクライトーキー) Digital BiliBili Live (2020-07-23) [1080p h264, AAC - YouTube rip]
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  • NECRY TALKIE Digital BiliBili Live 2020 1080p h264 AAC YouTube rip
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Hello! This torrent contains NECRY TALKIE's Digital BiliBili Live from 2020-07-23. Video is 1080p (h264), AAC. This was a direct rip off of YouTube in as high of a quality that I could possibly grab, at 1080p.

Included here is the original description of the video as left on YouTube from 23/07/2020 to midnight Japan time (11AM EST) on 27/07/2020 - "description.txt", as well as the video itself. I have included chapter metadata in the video (as well as the metadata file itself, "metadata.txt") for easilly skipping through the videos, but I can only guarantee that this works on vanilla MPV as of 27/07/2020. I can not guarantee that this will work on VLC, MPC-HC, MPV varients (mpv.net, Celluloid/GNOME MPV), or other bundled video player applications. If it works on any other video player besides MPV, brilliant, mention it in the comments! If not, please use MPV!

I highly recommend you support Necry Talkie in anyway possible - follow their YouTube and Twiitter, watching streams and using super chats, look them up and listen to them on your music streaming app of choice, buying merch or CDs if you can afford and are able to do so, etc. Doing so helps show support for Necry Talkie.

If either you do not like to use or are unable to use chapter metadata, timestamps for all songs are below. The video has not been trimmed down or edited in any way outside of the inclusion of chapter metadata. I'm not a complete expert on this, so apologies for any general mess-ups!

  1. Intro. 8:35
  2. めっちゃかわいいうた (Meccha Kawaii Uta) 9:12
  3. 夢みるドブネズミ (Yumemiru Dobunezumi) 12:37
  4. 放課後の記憶 (Houkagono Kioku) 15:59
  5. 音楽が嫌いな女の子 (Ongakuga Kiraina Onnanoko) 19:42
  6. 渋谷ハチ公口前もふもふ動物大行進 (Shibuyahachikouguchimae Mofumofu Doubutsu Daikoushin, a.k.a "Mofumofu") 23:55
  7. ぽんぽこ節 (Ponponkobushi) 27:48
  8. こんがらがった! (Kongaragatta) 32:34
  9. あの子は竜に逢う (Ano Ko wa Ryuu ni Au) 37:50
  10. 深夜とコンビニ (Shinyato Konbini) 42:33
  11. 朝焼けの中で (Asayake no Nakade) 48:07
  12. 許せ!服部(Live ver) (Yuruse! Hattori - live version) 52:26
  13. 新曲 ("New Song", no official title as of 27/07/2020) 1:04:29
  14. 北上のススメ (Hokujouno Susume) 1:08:36
  15. オシャレ大作戦 (Oshare Daisakusen) 1:13:13
  16. 遠吠えのサンセット (Touboeno Sunset) 1:17:35
  17. End of Stream. 1:20:21

Please check out NECRY TALKIE's discography using the links below, I really recommend you have a listen! MP3 (320kbps) available here if you're interested in saving on storage and having greater support with some media players. FLAC version available here if you are interested in having the highest quality audio possible.

More at ibit.to
And ibit.uno
And ibit.am
And ibit.ws


2 weeks ago

Apologies for the shit download speed - my upload is absolute fucking trash (thanks ISP) especially when it comes to seeding an entire video, and I'm just one person who doesn't even have a seed box (as of right now), so PLEASE SEED!


NECRY TALKIE Digital BiliBili Live (2020-07-23) [1080p h264, AAC]/NT_2020-07-23.mp4 1.9 GB
NECRY TALKIE Digital BiliBili Live (2020-07-23) [1080p h264, AAC]/description.txt 3.3 kB
NECRY TALKIE Digital BiliBili Live (2020-07-23) [1080p h264, AAC]/metadata.txt 1.5 kB
NECRY TALKIE Digital BiliBili Live (2020-07-23) [1080p h264, AAC]/readme.txt 2.4 kB


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