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My Darling Is a Foreigner (2010)

  • Comedy Romance Drama
  • Based on a true story. A Japanese girl and an American guy, fall in love in Japan. Their relationship will not be easy to manage, with their different cultures and their different langages.



    Set in the Tokyo area, an aspiring Japanese manga writer has a relationship with an American. They live together and they are happy but there is a problem with the relationship. The heroine must do something to heal the rift.

    My Darling Is a Foreigner (2010) download

    My Darling Is a Foreigner (2010) download

    My Darling Is a Foreigner (2010) download

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    2 weeks ago

    My Darling is a Foreigner attempts to take a light-hearted look at cross-cultural relationships, namely Japanese women and foreign men. It is a topic that should throw up amusing, insightful and even painful episodes. Instead, we are presented with this vacuous, witless, ill-conceived offering.Saori is a struggling manga artist besotted with Japanophile American Tony. The opening sequences of the film involves Saori waiting for the somewhat wimpy Tony to make a move. During this time she is exposed to Tony's coterie of gaijin friends, one-dimensional representations painfully devoid of any humanity or complexity. Gaijin, in fact, as some uninformed Japanese filmmaker imagines them to be. At one point one of Tony's friends flicks Saori on the nose and jibes at her for not speaking English. In two decades of living in Japan I have crossed paths with some gaijin knob'eads in my time, but nothing about this guy struck me as authentic. Shoddy scripting combined with village hall acting did not make the minor characters shine, to say the least.The action picks up slightly when Tony and Saori become a couple and we are introduced to Saori's parents. Jun Kunimura at least brings some acting kudos to the flick, charismatic in every scene he appears in. But those are far too few, and his talent merely serves to highlight the gap between him and the muggers around him. Ditto Shinobu Ôtake, a high-calibre talent who does her best with the meager fare the role offers.The plot, what there is of it, makes no sense. Saori's father opposes the union, but we are meant to feel he changed his mind because he was learning English - despite the fact that Tony is fluent in Japanese. The setting appears to be contemporary, and Saori owns a mobile phone. But Tony learns of the birth of his nephew by snail mail. At the film's climax, Saori incredulously hops on a plane to visit Tony in the States without contacting him or carrying his phone number. She takes a taxi to his street, gets out, and bumps into him peeping at a wedding. Even in light-hearted fare such as this, such sloppy plot mechanics are insulting.Mao Inoue as Saori pantomimes in that cringe-inducing style (overt pouts, muttered asides, talking to oneself in exposition) so ubiquitous in Japanese TV dramas these days. It's a pity she did not observe Kunimura more closely. Jonathan Sherr as Tony is as bland as white bread. One imagines the filmmakers were forced to compromise on acting ability, or Japanese language ability, and decided to sacrifice the former. The chemistry between Saori and Tony is best described as inert.I know of, but have not read, the manga this is based on. Written by a Japanese female based on her real-life international marriage, I imagine, given its success, that it is poignant and keenly observed. It surely can't be as trite and shallow as this cinematic adaptation. The Japanese female who watched the film with me called My Darling is a Foreigner "lame". Given that she is herself a big fan of the TV dramas I find unfathomable, I'd say that is damning criticism.

    2 weeks ago

    This film provides a window into cross-cultural romantic difficulties, but the more pointed possibilities are relegated to individual lines of dialogue that can easily get lost in a a "rom- com" haze. As a movie, "My Darling is a Foreigner" is of the type that could well play on the Japanese version of the "Hallmark" channel - a "made for TV" sort of film, best viewed as a cultural artifact rather than a major motion picture with international appeal. The interviews with other cross-cultural couples a la "When Harry Met Sally" are more revealing of the kind of issues that can come up in such relationships; the dramatization of these conflicts in the actual Saori-Tony relationships in the movie are pallid in comparison. The interspersed drawings from Saori's Manga have a freshness that scenes of the coupe frolicking on the beach or making their bed together are the kind of filmmaking clichés that a Woody Allen would have masterfully satirized in a film like "Annie Hall," or "Love and Death."I sought out as many reviews as I could find to understand the cultural relevance of the plot. It does indeed seem like a burning social issue for Japanese society, and as such, its appeal to a domestic Japanese audience is understandable. I most appreciated the words of a cross- cultural blogger, who suggested that any who choose to criticize "My Darling" view it alongside Sophia Coppola's Oscar-winning "Lost In Translation." As pieces that might have made arguments for cross-cultural sensitivity, they are equally lacking.

    2 weeks ago

    This movie is awful and makes no sense. There is more or less no story and nothing to be excited about. The biggest problem here doesn't seem to revolve around international romance and it's complications, but daily things such as how to wash clothes and dishes. The male lead foreigner in the movie doesn't know how to wash clothes and that makes the Japanese partner doubt if international marriage really is worth it. That is basically what this movie is about. Washing clothes. Couldn't they find something a little more interesting to portray in a movie about international romance in japan? Makes no sense, horrible acting and story, extremely slow paced. Boring. Worst movie ever.


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