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Luca Stricagnoli - Luca Stricagnoli

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4 years ago

Since I am still downloading, I am checking out Luca's videos on youtube. Do you have by any change the album: Luca Stricagnoli - Thunderstruck, provided there is such an album, unless this happens to be the title of a song. Thank you very much.

4 years ago

Oh Well, I just finished downloading the two albums and I see that 'Thunderstruck' is not an album but the title of a song. So I humbly ask, are there any more albums of his available, because this person is just incredible. Thank you.


Braveheart.flac 20 MB
Conquest Of Paradise.flac 13 MB
Madness.flac 27 MB
Paradise.flac 21 MB
Seven Nation Army.flac 16 MB
Starlight.flac 17 MB
The Future.flac 26 MB
The Last Of The Mohicans.flac 18 MB
Thunderstruck.flac 29 MB
Us.flac 11 MB


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