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Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2021)

  • Science Fiction Fantasy Action Horror Thriller Adventure
  • Doctor Strange, with the help of mystical allies both old and new, traverses the mind-bending and dangerous alternate realities of the Multiverse to confront a mysterious new adversary.

  • $200,000,001
  • Description

    Doctor Strange teams up with a mysterious teenage girl from his dreams who can travel across multiverses, to battle multiple threats, including other-universe versions of himself, which threaten to wipe out millions across the multiverse. They seek help from Wanda the Scarlet Witch, Wong and others.

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) download

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) download

    Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022) download

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    _Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness_ is dark, silly, and fan pleasing. The film is at is most bewitching when Sam Raimi can let his horror roots be showcased. It will satisfy horror and superhero film fans alike, but would have and could have been even better if Raimi was allowed to dive even further into the horror genre. Be sure to stay after the credits, as well. There are two after credits sequences with the final one being so absurdly on the nose for Sam Raimi that it may be the most entertaining part of the film. **Full review:** https://hubpages.com/entertainment/Doctor-Strange-in-the-Multiverse-of-Madness-2022-Review-Sam-Raimi-Finally-Brings-Horror-to-the-MCU

    FULL SPOILER-FREE REVIEW @ https://www.msbreviews.com/movie-reviews/doctor-strange-multiverse-madness-spoiler-free-review "Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is undoubtedly one of the most unique installments in the MCU, thanks to Sam Raimi's distinctive visual style and his impressive ability to elude the Marvel formula by seriously venturing into the horror elements. Never has a film from the cinematic universe been so violent, bloody, and terrifying. Benedict Cumberbatch and especially Elizabeth Olsen carry the complex story about the multiverse through Michael Waldron's flawed screenplay. The balance between the various storylines could be better, America Chavez is just one MacGuffin to reach another MacGuffin, and the journey through the multiple universes only compensates for the mind-blowing visual effects. Some personal disappointment is associated with the cameos treatment and the lack of real-location filming. Overall, more was expected from what was supposed to be Phase Four's "big movie", but it's a solid entry into the top half of the franchise." Rating: B

    Whilst I really did quite enjoy this - and it was great to be in a busy cinema again - it's really more of a testament to the skills of the VFX guys rather than to any of the writers. The story is really pretty thin with the engaging and confident Benedict Cumberbatch joining forces with the charismatic and feisty young Xochitl Gomez' "America" - a young lady who has been appearing in his dreams. Turns out, she can cross from one universe to another - and soon both are being sought by the mighty Elizabeth Olsen's "Wanda Maximoff" (surely a "Bond" girl?) who wants control of time so she can get back to her lost family, yada yada... Benedict Wong features sparingly, but always adds a little value as the "Sorcerer Supreme" and there are a few cameos from Charlize Theron and Sir Patrick Stewart to help prop up what is, admittedly, a pretty meagre second half. I think this multiverse strand could provide Marvel with the gift that keeps on giving, but they have got to tighten the pace up - two hours for this was just too long; the plot doesn't sustain it and though the combat scenes are nothing to the length in the "Avengers" movies; there is still far too much slack here. It does look and sound great on a big screen, though, and I am now warming to the star in the role (and his intuitive flying cape). Fun, but flawed.

    Obviously this film came loaded with the usual great special effects and endless battle scenes that I guess are needed to draw and hold your average superhero movie fan. Not so much of the Marvel wit and humor that are more like to hold me, the anything but average fan, or rather,not a fan at all, though I do like science fiction. For me, the 500 pound elephant in the room that cast a shadow over the entire movie was the villain. Now if you haven’t seen the film yet this may count as a spoiler, though it is revealed fairly early on. But the former heroine turned evil one is a woman taken over by the dark side. But what got me was her motive. Not to take over the world or the universe or the multiverse, but rather because she wanted to be a mommy to kids she lost along the way, or never had, or something. Billions of people in multiple universes died because she didn’t want to adopt. It seems like inserting herself into one universe might have been enough for you or me, but I suppose she wanted more options open if something went wrong with the first kids whose mother she killed (or is it her alternate self?) to get hold of. Dr. Strange even asked about it once, and she blithely explained that if her new old kids got terribly sick, she could find the cure for anything in other universes. She is the perfect mom, doing anything for her kids; well, except for providing moral leadership and showing them the path to be a good person who helps others and contributes to the world around them. Yeah, do as I say, kids, not as I do. Whoever created the evil dark book that took over her personality would have been disappointed that it was used merely to seed a new family.

    This is a good movie. It's has Balderdash Crumplebutter and he's a good actor. He doesn't afraid to have grey hair in his beard and he can do **magic** to the bad guys to win. > Do or do not, magic is not about trying. Love it!!

    Dr. Strange explores the multiverse even further than Spider-Man: No Way Home. It was extremely entertaining, and Sam Raimi brought a good amount of horror to the MCU, even though I would have preferred slightly more. Both Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch stole the show and really made this movie for me. Many movies you wish it were a bit shorter, but with Multiverse of Madness, I really wish we got 15 more minutes. A lot happens in a short 2-hour chunk, and pacing would have been much better if it were given a slightly longer run time. **Verdict:** _Great_

    good film

    First of all, let me say that I enjoyed the first Doctor Strange along with many other projects Benedict was involved in, but this one removed all the sanity and introduced horrific and woke garbage that simply destroyed this movie for me. Somehow they managed to take a perfectly acceptable character and transform it into crazy madness and barbaric nonsense. Even those initial stumbling blocks I could have gotten past, but Disney decided to interject their woke garbage into this movie like many other new shows which has now put them on a blacklist for so many others like me. Not sure I would ever pay or even 'watch for free' anything by this company again, but that is me. I have standards, and clearly Disney is determined to brainwash their viewers with woke trash. So (for me) this movie doesn't move the needle, in fact I consider it a waste of my time. 🧻🚽🪠🚫🤮

    > Goog film for everyone


    1 month ago

    I liked this movie and I think it's a fine addition to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It has the distinct directorial style of Sam Raimi with some quirky camera choices, horror elements and quick montages. The fight scenes and magic are more creative than in previous films, such as the musical battle. The visual design of the universes are very distinct and feels like other worlds have really come to life. It was very exciting to explore other worlds and other versions of Dr. Strange. Scarlet Witch has a truly terrifying presence.While I enjoyed the movie overall, it did disappoint some expectations and could have been better. As my review title states, it's more like Wandavision 2 than Doctor Strange 2. I kept wondering, whose movie is it? Elizabeth Olsen steals the show as Wanda, a corrupted demonic figure who fits the "slasher" role in this film, but her characterisation was also a bit too single-minded to feel like a real person.The pacing is very strange. It often skips about from one scene to another before they have really been explored or digested, leaving us with only a glimpse. This film feels like the characters are abruptly jumping between several films that have been awkwardly smashed together, unlike the first Doctor Strange film which was extremely focused. Cool scenes like the Illuminati were wasted by being disposed of so quickly. The multiverse isn't really explored beyond red and green being swapped and pizza balls being "free".The writing leaves a lot to be desired. As mentioned, this is essentially Wanda's story so nobody else is given much to work with. America Chavez is just there to run away from things, Christine Palmer is just there to give Dr. Strange something to anguish over and Wong is just there for the special effects. There are glimmers of character development but it goes nowhere. We keep seeing that Dr. Strange and Christine Palmer don't work out in any universe, which we already knew, but they keep repeating it for some reason, and it's not a compelling character relationship. Dr. Strange realises that he's really no different from the other versions of him, so he has to accept what he's got in this universe and not pine for things that are out of reach (i.e. Finding happiness without Christine). But he also realises that he can choose to be different from the other versions of him and work for the greater good without throwing anyone under the bus (i.e. Letting America Chavez keep her powers). Which one is it? What does he learn from the other versions of him?On a finer level, the dialogue had lots of problems. It was often very cheesy, like the supposedly inspiring speech Dr. Strange gives to America Chavez near the end. It was also full of blunt exposition, like the encyclopedic infodumps about multiversal powers, the Darkhold, the Vishanti, the Illuminati, Thanos and so on. There are times when it felt like the writing room had an extensive Q&A session where they tried to cover every possible viewer doubt, concern or plot hole, but instead of weaving the details in naturally, they just made the characters parrot their explanations verbatim, which sounded contrived and awkward. For example, there was one scene where the film stops so that Wong can ask Wanda point-blank why she wants full multiversal powers instead of just staying in one universe with her family. This happens a lot during the film.The writer Michael Waldron was chosen because of his experience with multiverse stories, especially Loki. This sounds great until you realise that Waldron has already run out of ideas and just wrote the same story again:Main tension: The powerful protagonist is put in cuffs and deprived of his powers (Loki: Loki; Dr. Strange: Stephen Strange).He is brought before a powerful tribunal of celebrity cameos with AI assistants to account for crimes against the natural order. Protagonist responds with snarky remarks (Loki: TVA, Owen Wilson and Miss Minutes; Dr. Strange: Illuminati, Patrick Stewart and Ultron robots).The tribunal has some heroic story for the public, but they are hiding a sinister secret (Loki: Time Keepers maintain the Sacred Timeline; Dr. Strange: Strange sacrificed himself to defeat Thanos).Due to having no powers, the protagonist resorts to hand-to-hand combat in their headquarters (Loki: Loki & Sylvia vs. TVA; Dr. Strange: Stephen Strange vs. Illuminati Mordo).They turn out to be staffed by imbeciles who couldn't catch a shoplifter. They are dispatched easily in combat so the plot can continue (Loki: TVA vs. Anyone else; Dr. Strange: Illuminati vs. Wanda).Main plot: A female character is being pursued because she has powerful abilities to transport herself across time and space and keeps evading everyone (Loki: Sylvie with orange portals; Dr. Strange: America Chavez with blue portals).Main threat: A female character possesses the minds of other people to attack (Loki: Sylvie's enchantments; Dr. Strange: Wanda's dreamwalking).Lazy and blunt exposition technique: Protagonist uses a machine to bring his memories to life (Loki: TVA timeline viewer; Dr. Strange: Shop display that projects your past trauma to the whole street).Lazy and blunt character development: Protagonist is forced to encounter an alternate version of a significant female character from his life to make him realise something about himself. She otherwise serves no story purpose (Loki: Simulation of Lady Sif; Dr. Strange: Illuminati Christine Palmer).Eventually, protagonist finds a deranged man who lives alone inside a castle in a post-apocalyptic realm. He knows more about the vaguely defined dangers of the multiverse and must be dispatched (Loki: He Who Remains; Dr. Strange: Sinister Strange).If Disney keeps hiring Waldron to write the same story, I'll save you ticket expenses by explaining the next Spider-Man movie. Tom Holland's Peter Parker encounters a universe-hopping Spider-Woman and tries to pursue her to find her secrets. He is captured by the multiversal Peter Parker Posse headed by Tobey Maguire and injected with a serum that neutralises his spider-powers. The film stops so that Maguire can give a half hour lecture about the finer details of the multiverse and how there can only be one Spider-Man per universe otherwise something vaguely bad happens. Spider-Woman arrives and controls the minds of some Peter Parkers and defeats them all in half a minute. Using a memory display machine, she reveals that the Peter Parker Posse isn't protecting the multiverse, they're secretly neutralising all the Spider-People's powers so their loved ones won't be in danger anymore. Spider-Woman turns out to be an alternate Aunt May, making Tom Holland's Spider-Man somehow realise that with great power comes great responsibility. They trace the neutralising serum to the Final Peter Parker, who lives in a universe where every single person got spider powers and misused them, leaving him as the only survivor. His life's mission is now to ensure that nobody ever gets spider powers and claims that "with NO power comes NO responsibility!" They defeat him and travel back to all the other universes with radioactive spiders to restore a Spider-Person in each of them. The end. Rinse and repeat for the next ten years.

    1 month ago

    Sam Raimi definitely put a splash of horror in this action film. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness is darker & more violent than any previous MCU movie, which could be considered a strength. However, I felt like there was not enough multiverse and maybe too much madness. Despite the entertaining visuals, the plot is fairly chaotic, and the acting & dialogue are inconsistent. This movie is an entertaining ride, but it's a little too messy to stand on its own.

    1 month ago

    So, carrying on from WandaVision, Wanda continues her arc as a slaver who faces no consequences for enslaving a town full of people to now being a mass-murdering slaver who risks the lives of trillions of people's lives, destroys universes, enslaves more people, so she can murder a child, which will help her switch her plan to murder a mother and kidnap her imaginary children.And her redemption arc is she notices she is a monster and ends her reign of terror in the last 2 minutes.And we're meant to sympathise with her for those heinous acts because she is sad because she had to stop imagining her children, and had to stop all the slaving and torture she was doing in order to imagine some fake imaginary children.It was loud and shiny and stupid, so it was fine as totally brainless, lightweight nonsense... Pretty meh overall, and I stopped paying attention during some parts as I was thinking about other things because it was not engaging at all.


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