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Cupid (2012)

  • Romance Comedy TV Movie
  • With Valentine‚Äôs Day approaching, Eve Lovett, a workaholic TV talk show host with a string of failed relationships, is worried she will never find true love. But when a mysterious stranger named Vernon Gart shows up on the set claiming to work for Cupid, Inc., Eve has no idea her love life is about to get an arrow right through the heart.

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    A Cupid with a dubious record, Vernon Gart, is assigned a new case, posing as relational counselor to career bitch Eve Lovett, a relational disaster who is offered a last shot at true love if she manages match a couple during a short time. She hosts a TV talk-show produced by Rick, who spoils her having a crush she barely noticed any more then the names of their studio collaborators. Rick assigned her a Valentine's day special, just in time, but she keeps striking out due to insensitivity and bad character judgment aggravated by bad luck and poor research. The only working match, mailman Ben and her receptionist, is undone by a thereby broken-up couple. yet the solution is staring Eve in the face since long but gets tired of waiting.

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    Cupid, Inc. (2012) download

    Cupid, Inc. (2012) download

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    3 weeks ago

    The bassoons are usually the comedians of the orchestra and they out in force in this Valentine Day comedy playing versions of orchestral standards. Anyway, about the movie: The story, such as it is, concerns Eve Lovett (get it?), talk show hostess, and her efforts to save her show and find her own true love. She is in emotional lockdown, but....I don't know how many times I've written almost identical words about various Hallmark Channel comedies, but it really doesn't matter. When the basic story is good, what matters is how you tell it. The people who made this decided to run it as a broad farce with ridiculous details and pulled out all visual stops, including the way they change Jamie Kennedy's outfits and the way that Joely Fisher as Eve is willing to mug it up. The script has a goodly number of funny situations as Miss Fisher and her crack team foul up bit after bit.Visually it's a little too polite for my taste; there are many opportunities to insert a little straight slapstick into the proceedings that are passed up. That, however, is my taste and I am sure that for those who like to think that love is never ridiculous this will be a real winner. Even by my standards, it's pretty good.

    3 weeks ago

    This is a wonderful, sweet, playful Hallmark movie about romance and comedy.The host of a talk show is funny in a natural sense and not slapstick. Cupid comes along to help her find romance and the true meaning of love. Different relationships intertwine throughout the movie with twists and turns that are enjoyable and unexpected. I really enjoyed the acting and plot of the movie from beginning to end.The only reason I rated this movie a one is because of the continual music in the background, which was really in the foreground, and louder than the speaking parts. The score is the typical Hallmark "bing-bong" music you hear over and over in so many of their movies. It is like listening to a concert and a lecture at the same time, making it difficult to hear every word clearly. There should be no music when the actors are speaking, unless it is a crucial, moving moment, but not continually throughout the regular speaking scenes. This loud continual music is so annoying. My brother says he just turns off their movies now when the music never stops. If you can't hear it all, then you can't rate it well. Watch some of the classic movies. No music in the general talking scenes.

    3 weeks ago

    Well over half the movie is setting up one embarrassing situation after another for Eve. If that's your kind of humor, take 10 stars. It's not mine.There are some tiny clues that build through the movie as to where the real romance is going to be, but to have confidence in those clues it helps to know how these movies work and that at least one half of the real romance will be the star of the movie. Along with embarrassing herself, Eve was moving from one couple to another trying to set them up through most of the movie. All this makes the plot unusual at least to some degree.Many rom/coms have the lead couple start with antagonism. There was some antagonism between the two in this movie, but mostly it was just a working relationship with two people who had conflicting goals.Finally about 2/3rd through the fact that there might be a relationship starts to come together and then boom, almost immediately the conflict. Other than one meal, there was no relationship building.So it's a different approach and many people will find it funny. I had a hard time getting through it.


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