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American Dad!: The New CIA (2005)

  • Animation Comedy
  • The American Dad! short film; which precedes before the theatrical run of the 2005 feature Fever Pitch; is about Stan Smith touring his work days in the CIA and his "normal" every day life.




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    13 years ago

    Missing episodes 16-20. However, episodes 1-15 are there and work fine. Easier than downloading them all individually.

    13 years ago

    this torrent is NOT good.....full season 4(ignore that it says 5) here :

    ...i downloaded and it has 20 episodes and good quality.....

    12 years ago

    Why not name the torrent American Dad - Season 4 eoisodes 1 - 15???

    12 years ago

    when did this show start to suck ass?

    11 years ago
    1. What release is this

    2. What group released it

    3. Where are the original RAR files

    4. Is this the PROPER or the nuked release.

    5 years ago

    Where are your question marks '?' ^^

    5 years ago

    Where are all of your question marks '?' ^^


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