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**All About History: Aztecs (2019)

English | 132 pages | HQ True PDF | 263 mb**

In 1521, an empire came tumbling down. The Aztecs had ruled in Mesoamerica for 200 years but the Spanish, led by the fearsome Hernán Cortés, were closing in, eager to claim this part of the New World for themselves. It was the end of a rich culture and an entire civilisation – but even so, th Aztec legacy lives on today.

In All About History Book of the Aztecs, uncover the gruesome truth behind human sacrifice and learn what everyday life was really like. Walk the streets of Tenochtitlán, meet the extensive pantheon and cook up some authentic recipes as you explore the world of the Aztecs.


8 Secrets of the Aztecs

14 Origins of the Aztecs


22 Aztec Art Gallery

32 Religion and Beliefs

37 Fast Facts on Human Sacrifice

38 Inside an Aztec Home

42 How to... play Tlachtli

44 Food and Drink

50 Life in Tenochtitlán

56 Politics of the Pyramid


62 Moctezuma II

66 The Aztec Empire

71 Eagle Warrior

72 Study at the Telpochcalli


76 Hernán Cortés

80 Fall of the Aztecs

90 After the Spanish Invasion

94 What if the Aztecs weren’t defeated?


100 Rediscovering Tenochtitlán

108 Inside Templo Mayor

110 Aztecs in Modern Mexico

116 Diego Rivera’s History of Mexico

118 Remains of the Empire

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