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2 years ago


2 years ago

No one else ended up subbing this. I guess I will wait until the BD version releases.

2 years ago

Do you really need to care who subs this? Is there such a big difference?

2 years ago


2 years ago

Bunch of dick eating fuck rot faggot retards constantly complaining about 'subs are terrible' 'unwatchable' and 'where the fuck are the fan subs?!'. Do you guys go to Oxford/Cambridge or something and want Shakespearean style english subs to suit your needs? Do you mother fuckers even speak or understand Japanese? Chance are no. You fucking monglets don't know what the fuck is going into your ears and only read the subs yet somehow can complain that the subs are bad despite having checked countless times on HorribleSub ripped series that the subs are perfectly fine and do not show any unusual shitty translations. Dunno what the fuck you whiners are complaining about shitty subs.

I dare you to gimme some examples of horrible translated subs from HorribleSub ripped series. Chances are you end up giving shit that still made perfect sense yet somehow you still call it shit and want it phrased differently and call it good yet it still meant the exact same fucking thing. Bunch of fucking autistic faggot ass spergs.

2 years ago

@FaffywaffleTV. Erm, but actually, they said san instead of sama once. So you know, my life is basically ruined because of this unmanned bot that rips and uploads shit from other sources.

2 years ago

Over a decade ago we had numerous fan subbers who were dedicated to bringing the best Japanese to English translations ever. A very few of those groups still exist, they just don't pick up almost every season TV anime anymore because of mainstream trash like paid streaming subscriptions that hire lazy fucks like the people at Horrible Subs, and they they cater to young millennial and zoomer trash we have today.

A clear example of that is how the best fan subber for Precure dropped out after episode 13 because Horrible Subs yet again fucked everything up.

So yeah it matters to us real fans who subs our anime. Don't get booty blasted and "salty", as your generation likes to describe people like you, that some of us still care for a perfectly crafted product. Stop talking down to me and stop making a mockery out of this culture. I do not see anime the way you see it; as some kind of fucking joke you use as a tool for white supremacy. You already do that with the black community, who knows how many other things out there you are ruining.

Fuck you, grow a pair and put some years into this before you attempt to tell me what fan subs are you fucking young piece of trash.

2 years ago

I dare you to gimme some examples of horrible translated subs from HorribleSub ripped series.

recent [example](

2 years ago

Nobody is making a mockery of this culture. Making a mockery of whiny grown ass manchildren who bitch about shit they're getting for free as though they are entitled to good content while contributing nothing but criticism and expecting, nay, DEMANDING the best; now that's a different story.

Unless by 'this culture' you mean exactly that, the culture of ravenous spoiled brats wanting the world for free and throwing a hissy fit when perfectly understandable terminology is swapped with another perfectly understandable terminology that detracts nothing from the original content. Then yeah, go fuck yourself and your waste of existence culture.

2 years ago

I dare you to gimme some examples of horrible translated subs from HorribleSub ripped series



[HorribleSubs] Re Zero kara Hajimeru Isekai Seikatsu - 27 [1080p].mkv 1.5 GB


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