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After a hard day of adventuring, there's only one thing that a real man wants to do: visit a brothel and spend that hard earned gold. Stunk and Zel have been partners for a while, but they always have bitter arguments when choosing a brothel. Stunk, being human, is attracted to the young looking elf, even though she's over 100 years old. Zel, on the other hand, cannot stand that stench of such old mana and would much rather settle for a human, even is she's over 60. After saving a cute little angel boy from a monster, they decide that rather then argue about what species is better at sex, they're gonna try them all and write a review. With a 4th random player joining them, they go out to test all the pussy in the land.

Well, you know why you're here. No real need for me to talk about the show. You know what it is, and you know what you want. So come on over and get it. This show not only has some amazing fanservice, but is genuinely smart and funny. It makes sense for a wolfman to stay away from races who smell bad. It makes sense for few people to go to the salamander brothel since not all races have fire resistance. Do not take an angel to an undead brothel. You really shouldn't build a golem of your female friend, and then fuck it. No, you can't leave the gender-swap inn before the gender swapping potion wears off. There is something from EVERYONE in this show. Name a type of girl, she's probably in this show.

Subtitles are from Judas. I tired to make them as uniform as possible. Attention about two episodes: episode 6 uses the "Crim-vision" cut, meaning you can see the uncensored boobs. Episode 12 uses the clean epilogue. There will be no video previews for this one, because I can't make a sfw one. BTW, the file names are NOT the actual episode titles. Those are too long. So I just named them after what's in the episode.

Series rating: 10/10


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5 days ago

Thank you kindly sir for this upload

5 days ago

That fairy is nasty. It has balls and a vag with no dick. I'm not even sure how that's possible.

5 days ago

"series rating: 10/10" I was waiting to see which series would finally get a 10. can't say I'm surprised.

5 days ago


5 days ago

Series rating: 11/10


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Novel/Novel 43.jpg 1.8 MB
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Storyboard/3 BD.jpg 1.6 MB
Storyboard/01 - Elf, MILF, Catgirl, Birdmaid.ass 34 kB
Storyboard/01 - Elf, MILF, Catgirl, Birdmaid.mkv 425 MB
Storyboard/02 - Fairies, Elections, Minotaurs.ass 55 kB
Storyboard/02 - Fairies, Elections, Minotaurs.mkv 378 MB
Storyboard/03 - The Gender-Swap Inn.ass 31 kB
Storyboard/03 - The Gender-Swap Inn.mkv 363 MB
Storyboard/04 - Low Level Sucubi, Salamader.ass 928 kB
Storyboard/04 - Low Level Sucubi, Salamader.mkv 515 MB
Storyboard/05 - Cyclops Girls, Myconid Girls.ass 322 kB
Storyboard/05 - Cyclops Girls, Myconid Girls.mkv 422 MB
Storyboard/06 - Golem Girls, Will O'Wisp Girls.ass 37 kB
Storyboard/06 - Golem Girls, Will O'Wisp Girls.mkv 422 MB
Storyboard/07 - Egg-Laying Show, Popularity Contest.ass 35 kB
Storyboard/07 - Egg-Laying Show, Popularity Contest.mkv 438 MB
Storyboard/08 - Role Playing, Succubuss Tower.ass 36 kB
Storyboard/08 - Role Playing, Succubuss Tower.mkv 451 MB
Storyboard/09 - Undead, Slime & Porn.ass 41 kB
Storyboard/09 - Undead, Slime & Porn.mkv 407 MB
Storyboard/10 - Duplicates, The Brothel With A Perfect Score.ass 34 kB
Storyboard/10 - Duplicates, The Brothel With A Perfect Score.mkv 405 MB
Storyboard/11 - Incubus, Alcohauns.ass 35 kB
Storyboard/11 - Incubus, Alcohauns.mkv 366 MB
Storyboard/12 - The Demon Hole, Dreams.ass 41 kB
Storyboard/12 - The Demon Hole, Dreams.mkv 327 MB


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