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  • [BDISO][mei]西野カナ – MTV Unplugged Kana Nishino (20131218)
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  • BDISO mei MTV Unplugged Kana Nishino 20131218
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曲目リスト ディスク:1 1. もっと… 2. SAKURA, I love you? 3. 会いたくて 会いたくて 4. Distance 5. Best Friend 6. MAYBE 7. Secret 8. candy 9. ONE WAY LOVE 10. My Baby

ディスク:2 1. Acoustic Session Opening 2. 私たち 3. Behind the Scenes of Acoustic Session 1 4. FANTASY 5. Behind the Scenes of Acoustic Session 2 6. Rainbow 7. Behind the Scenes of Acoustic Session 3

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